Here we ́ve listed our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you can ́t find your answer here, feel free to contact us or just send out a pickle.

Picklepick is social platform, which lets you engage others in your everyday wonderings, decisions and dilemmas – a simple and fun way to answer life´s questions with friends, fans, and the rest of the world.

In Picklepick, you communicate by sending each other “pickles”. Take a picture, or two, add your question, and set an expiry time so that you receive your answers when you need them. Your followers will be able to respond and discuss the pickle until it expires. Whether you are wondering what pair of shoes to buy, who´s going to the beach today, or if people prefer invisibility or flight as a superpower, the Picklepick community can help you get tons of answers in an instant.

Free – available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The name has nothing to do with cucumbers preserved in brine or vinegar. Rather, it stems from the old English idiom “to be in a pickle” – meaning to be in a difficult or messy situation.

A wise traveler once said: “we are all in pickles every now and then, and it’s nice to have someone help you pick”. We took this to heart, and built an application.

A lot of us seem to always have all of the answers; In fact, we can all probably remember a time we´ve tried to seem more certain, or knowledgeable than we really are.

We believe that any truly meaningful conversation or relationship begins with a question – and that those that are brave enough to ask them will ultimately live more vivid, exciting and fruitful lives. We imagine a world where curiosity, discovery and awe are not limited to the realms of newborn babies, but one where we can all engage and include one another in our daily lives more.

Picklepick has been our attempt to make this possible in an intuitive and fun way.

We have adopted a follower-based model, which means that any pickles you publish openly on Picklepick will be accessible and answerable to those who have chosen to follow you. Non-followers may view the pickle results on your profile after expiry, but they will not be able to offer an answer or participate in the discussion unless they follow you.

We also offer private sending of pickles between individuals who are following each other. These pickles are strictly private, and will not be accessible or viewable to anyone else ever.

We are always interested in talking to talented individuals who´re not afraid of asking questions.

Before we have our Support Center up and running, we encourage you to email us on: support@picklepick.no